Why There is No Diet in Diet Soda

dangers of diet sodaWhat to drink when you’re supposed to trim down a bit.

At my last doctor’s appointment, he told me that I have a mild liver issue from carrying around extra weight.

It’s harmless in and of itself but has a small possibility of progressing into cirrhosis, which by all accounts I do not want.

So, among other things, I’m off sugary drinks.

The first thing I did was switch to diet soda. Not too bad at first, although it made eating out tricky, because I can’t stand Diet Coke and lots of places don’t have anything else. I decided the diet lemonade with 10 calories per serving was probably OK and a few places have that.

Eating out for dinner became interesting because I don’t want caffeine that late and lots of places don’t have any diet drinks without caffeine, so I’ve started ordering water with lemon as my default eating out drink. How much lemon I get, especially on the refills, has a bit of creative input on tipping.

After a few days of drinking diet soda, my spit started to taste like the sweetener. It’s about the same as the stereotypical diet soda aftertaste but without the flavor of the rest of the soda.

Kind of gross and disturbing; it made me wonder how good it could be for my system to have this stuff building up in me so much that I could taste it. For all I knew I could be frying my liver even faster by overworking it on filtering that stuff out.

Then I discovered some non-caloric drinks with natural sweeteners. This helped because they’re also packed with vitamins. But even though, I do still buy and use vitamins daily that I get near McAllen Texas. SoBe lifewaters, the 0-calorie ones of course, are my favorites. I still drink some diet soda, especially for the caffeine, but my spit no longer tastes weird.