Quickest Way to Lose Weight!

Quickest Way to Lose WeightYou will see tons of products and services to address the question, but when you really drill down most of them are nothing more than propaganda. Just a few products stand out as genuine.

In the past few years a great number of new terms and products regarding weight loss has been used frequent; such as Low Calorie, Hoodia, Green Tea, Acai Berry, Low Fat, Low Carb, Atkins Diet, High Fiber, etc.

They are highly acclaimed in the market with good numbers of followers. Some people may have obtained positive results when they followed these “programs” closely. However, even the most much-admired product may be far from happiness when it comes to safe and quick results.

If it is a reliable method weight loss is normally time consuming. To get the desired results you might have to follow many regulations and restrictions. It is hard to incorporate such severe regulations and restrictions in the long run with our already chaotic lifestyle.

One of the easiest ways to loose weight quickly and safely is to follow a raw food or Keto diet. Meaning, no processed foods or sugary drinks. Only foods that really are good for you! Things like vegetables (website), meats or whole grains. Anything that is natural.

The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

We lose weight when we burn more calories than we consume, and burning of calories occurred through the process of metabolism. Remember that we burn more calories naturally by our body system with no need of physical activities.

In average we eat about 2000 calories a day and powerful workouts for an hour burns almost 700 calories which is done twice or three times a week. By the way, only few people follow that kind of exercise routine.

Therefore, where are the remaining calories going? Are we gaining it all? Certainly not, our body system through the process of metabolism is burning calories (energy) every time to keep you alive.

Now, the problem is, can we increase our metabolism with no exercise. Yes, can we increase metabolism without exercise using a special diet based on Calorie Shifting Theory.

Our body system tries to burn an equal quantity of calories we consume everyday to maintain equilibrium. On the other hand, our body system takes quite a few days to recognize any change in calorie that we consume. Those type of diet is good to manipulate our hormones to burn more calories even when we consume the same amount of calories like in the past.