Effects of hgh Injections

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone, or the so called HGH, made a revolution in the world of beauty and fitness industry. In fact, it is a natural testosterone booster and has a huge number of benefits for our health and body. HGH is vital for cell regeneration, helps to keep human tissue healthy and our internal organs and brain need it as well.

So, HGH injections of it have a long list of positive effects on our body.

Positive effects of HGH injections

Small dosage of HGH makes noticeable changes in our appearance. Skin becomes smooth, body fat is getting reduced, nails and hair grow as fast as never before, and your sight and hearing get better and better each day. Human growth hormone significantly effects and improves the way you feel: you have a lot more energy, sleep better, and feel enthusiastic and refreshed.

The latest studies show that HGH helps us stay young and age slower. When injected in larger doses it provokes weight loss and increases muscle size. Also, it helps recover after severe burns or injuries, as your tissue literally regenerates. There are other positive effects of hgh injections.

Why do we need HG hormone?

There were recorded many other positive effects after HGH usage, such as prevention of alleviate osteoporosis, improvement in child growth (if it was caused by a disease). Energy level grows as well as grows your libido. This hormone improves your immune system and blood pressure, your bones get stronger and increases your metabolism.

Negative Effects

Human growth hormone is quite a panacea, but still, it’s got the other side of the coin. Effects of HGH injections might be negative as well. Mainly, that happens if you overdose the injection, or take it too often, much more often than needed. That’s why HG hormone should be prescribed by your doctor.

Otherwise, you might encounter such negative effects as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is quite unpleasant. It’s like a constant feeling of “needles” in your palms and fingers. Be ready to experience such a side effect if your daily dose is higher than 4 UI.

One more unpleasant thing might be water retention in the body. Your fingers will look a bit swollen or the face can turn fuller. This is a temporary side effect and it will disappear in two weeks after you lower the dose. Some people might even like this side effect, as it helps to visually reduce and minimize wrinkles, as they will be ironed out.

The third place in the list of the most popular side effects making HGH injections is taken by the morning aches. That feeling of pain in the joints and muscles will go away in a few minutes as you woke up. The rapid drops of blood sugar might also provoke a hunger attack. That is likely to happen right after physical activity.

In both cases one should modify the doze, and then the side effect will go in two weeks after you significantly reduce the dosage of the injection.

Theoretical side effects

There are a number of theoretical side effects, like acromegaly, or enlargement of limbs and organs. The main reason for that is an extremely high dosage of HGH for a long time. Also, it might provoke the growth of existing cancer, as the body regenerates faster and the cells grow too. In order to stay healthy and enjoy only the positive effects of HG hormone, do not improvise with it, stick to the prescription.